Excellent - everyone needs this app

With iCloud on the horizon you may not know why you need this app - the reason is not because sync software loses all contacts but because every so often individual contacts that you add on your iPhone, Outlook, etc. simply disappear. You may have a copy in the clouds but a specific edit may be lost. This app lets you save periodic backups (like time machine) from which you can find, copy, and paste the critical missing info. You don't need a cloud, just somewhere (eg a CD) to store excel files.

Geniale App !!!

Nie wieder Probleme mit der Bearbeitung und Synchronisation von Kontaktdaten. Die App funktioniert prima und völlig problemlos. Man kann die Kontakte auf dem PC bearbeiten, Bilder hinzufügen, die Reihenfolge zwischen Telefon-, Fax- und Mobil-Nummern bestimmen und auch neue Kontakte hinzufügen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann sie nur empfehlen!




Forma muito prática de transferir os contatos. Comigo funcionou perfeitamente, mesmo com muitos dados (+ de 1.000 contatos).

Ещё бы фотки импортировать можно было! А так - всё ок, быстро, доступно ;)




Works like a charm!
by Lincoln Spencer on Wednesday, June 15 2011 version 1.8.1
Does just what it says. The interface isn't quite as sleek as some other apps, but the functionality is all there. I can now easily send a customized text to a group of hundreds of contacts at once!

This application is great. It is VERY easy to use. This is the best money I have spent in years. If you don't have this application, you need to get it. Also if you are unable to figure out anything, the customer support is great. ( I know I can't spell.) You do need to know that templete can be moved between two templetes. You just have to get the templates. This application is easy and fun to use.



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ExcelContacts Overview

ExcelContacts is a cross-platform smartphone application currently available for iPhone and other smartphones. It’s the best way to transfer contacts to and from your smartphone!  No other app lets you so easily control your smartphone's most valuable data:

Important: Please the V 2.5.9 users upgrade the app to the latest version. It fixed a substantial bug of export.


1. Update, modify and maintain your contacts easily and conveniently on your computer using Excel, OpenOffice or any other Excel-compatible application.

2. ExcelContacts sends all of your contacts to you from your iPhone in a convenient zip file by email, USB, or through a webpage seen only on your local wifi network! Contact photos are sent, too!

3. Never again rely on iTunes as your only local source of back up. Nor do you need to share your contacts with Yahoo or other websites in order to have a backup. ExcelContacts' zip file contains ALL of your contacts in a convenient, easy format.

4. ExcelContacts protects you from iTunes sync accidents which can delete your contacts if, for example, you no longer have access to an Exchange server.

5. Restoring or changing contacts from the spreadsheet is as simple as uploading the file to your phone via USB, email or web. It couldn't be easier.

6. You can print a hardcopy of your iPhone contacts.

7. You can now export iPhone contacts to an Excel file which can then be imported to Outlook Contacts directly.

8. You can also import contacts from an Excel file that has been exported from Outlook to your iPhone.

9. You can now export/import iPhone contacts to/from a Gmail CSV-format file(UTF-8 encoded or Unicode encoded).

10. You can upload export files to Dropbox/SkyDrive/Google Drive or download import files from Dropbox/SkyDrive/Google Drive.

11. You can password protect your export file.

12. All Contact fields except Ringtones can be exported/imported.

13. You can organise your contacts into groups easily on a spreadsheet and also assign a contact to multiple groups.

14. You can remove all iPhone contacts or groups before importing your organized contacts.

15. ExcelContacts can support 30,000+ contact entries.

16. All column headers and labels in the Excel file are localized.

17. Export/Import contacts to/from a VCF file.

18. Backup contacts before import.

19. Export an Excel file with all photos included - this makes the contacts in your spreadsheet look better.

20. Manage groups easily. You can now create, edit, delete groups and add contacts to groups.

21. The lite version allow you to export or import first 210 entries, The full version has no limit.

ExcelContacts is now available on the App Store. 

ExcelContacts is now available on the Google Play Store. 


1.Export iPhone contacts and photos via USB/WiFi/Email/Dropbox/OtherApp

ExcelContacts can export all iPhone contacts and photos to computer via Wi-Fi (like a HTTP server), You simply type an address(e.g. into your computer web browser to download the export file.
If your iPhone can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or 3G, You can send the export file as an attachment to anybody via email.
If you export contacts via USB, the export file will be saved in the app’s File Sharing folder. you must connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable, access the File Sharing pane (where you can save the export file from your iPhone onto your computer) in iTunes.
The export file is a zip file which contains an excel file ‘contacts.xls’ and a folder ‘images’. all contacts photos are saved in the folder ‘images’.

You also can upload export files to Dropbox. The export files are physically stored in /apps/ExcelContacts on Dropbox.

2.Import iPhone contacts and photos via USB/Wi-Fi/Email/Dropbox/OtherApp

ExcelContacts can import all contacts and contacts photos back on your iPhone via Wi-Fi(like a HTTP server). You simply type an address(e.g. into your computer web browser to upload the import file.
If you import contacts via USB, you must connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable, access the File Sharing pane (where you can transfer the import file from your computer to your iPhone) in iTunes. 

You can import contacts from the file on Dropbox. Your import file should be uploaded to /apps/ExcelContacts on Dropbox.

3.Edit contact information in Excel

You can use Excel 2003 / 2007 / 2010 or OpenOffice.org to edit your iPhone contacts. It's also easy to add contacts photos. After you copy the contact photo file to the folder ‘images’,  you just need to enter the filename into a particular cell in Excel. 

4.Support Mixed/Separate/Outlook format Excel file. 

ExcelContacts can export/import the following formats Excel file:

5.Export Google CSV file.

ExcelContacts can export contacts to Google format CVS file. You can import this file to Gmail contacts directly.

6.Password Protect the export file.

ExcelContacts can password protect the export file , you can set the password on Settings page.

7.Merge duplicate contacts during import

If you import a contact with the same name or e-mail address or mobile phonenumber that already exists in your iPhone contacts. You have two options to resolve duplicate contacts:

  • 1) Update new information from a duplicate contact to an existing one
  • 2) Add a duplicate as a new contact

A Sample Contact

Here are two sample files(a zip file), each zip file contains an excel file 'contacts.xls' and a folder 'images'.

The following is the content of the first sample. 

  A B C D E
  Firstname Lastname Phonenumbers Addresses Image
1 Bob Kelvin Mobile:1234567890
Street 1001 Parker St.
City Berkeley
State CA
Street 1001 E
Slauson Ave.
City Los Angele
State CA

You can download the zip file (see the link to download below).

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [12.1 KB]

The following is the content of the second sample(separate style). 

  A B C D E F
  Firstname Lastname Mobile WorkPhone HomePhone Image
1 Bob Kelvin  1234567890 12345678 87654321 1.jpg
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [12.6 KB]