Excellent - everyone needs this app

With iCloud on the horizon you may not know why you need this app - the reason is not because sync software loses all contacts but because every so often individual contacts that you add on your iPhone, Outlook, etc. simply disappear. You may have a copy in the clouds but a specific edit may be lost. This app lets you save periodic backups (like time machine) from which you can find, copy, and paste the critical missing info. You don't need a cloud, just somewhere (eg a CD) to store excel files.

Geniale App !!!

Nie wieder Probleme mit der Bearbeitung und Synchronisation von Kontaktdaten. Die App funktioniert prima und völlig problemlos. Man kann die Kontakte auf dem PC bearbeiten, Bilder hinzufügen, die Reihenfolge zwischen Telefon-, Fax- und Mobil-Nummern bestimmen und auch neue Kontakte hinzufügen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann sie nur empfehlen!




Forma muito prática de transferir os contatos. Comigo funcionou perfeitamente, mesmo com muitos dados (+ de 1.000 contatos).

Ещё бы фотки импортировать можно было! А так - всё ок, быстро, доступно ;)


All-in-1 List


All in 1 List simply put: "Superb"

by Bob Miller on Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014 version 1.2.1
I needed flexibility and customization in a user-friendly environment. SamApp provides the tool sets for just that. The app lets me use Excel sheets that are tailored to my needs and the import/export utility allows me to work with and back up the data on my terms. It's total access to your data available in a universal format. No matter how or what you do with your data, SamApp - All in 1 List will bring it to your mobile screen in an orderly and consistent fashion. Loving it!



Works like a charm!
by Lincoln Spencer on Wednesday, June 15 2011 version 1.8.1
Does just what it says. The interface isn't quite as sleek as some other apps, but the functionality is all there. I can now easily send a customized text to a group of hundreds of contacts at once!

This application is great. It is VERY easy to use. This is the best money I have spent in years. If you don't have this application, you need to get it. Also if you are unable to figure out anything, the customer support is great. ( I know I can't spell.) You do need to know that templete can be moved between two templetes. You just have to get the templates. This application is easy and fun to use.



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Please contact samyuservice@gmail.com directly for help,questions,feedback

What's New in ExcelContacts iOS Version



1.Fixed the bug that the app does not update the contacts when importing a custom file.

2.Added more options for dealing with duplicates.




1.Added support for mapping contact fields when the column headers in the import file are not recognized by the app.

2.Added support for creating personalized export file by mapping contact fields to column headers.

3.Added support for previewing contacts in the import file.




1.Fixed the bug that sometimes the export file is unreadable.




1.Added support for exporting to SkyDrive and importing from SkyDrive.

2.Added support for exporting to Google Drive and importing from Google Drive.

3.Added tips for new users.

4.Added the tutorial pages of all valid column headers.

5.Added support for checking if a zip file has password-protection.

6.Fixed bugs in processing vcf file.

7.Fixed some crash bugs.




1.Fixed some crash bugs.





1.Fixed the bug that sometimes the export file embedded photos can not be opened.

2.Added support for reporting crash report.





1.Fixed the bug that sometimes the app can not import all photos in the Excel file.

2.Added support for backing up password.

3.Added support for exporting contacts to a vcf file including categories and notes.

4.Added support for importing contacts from a vcf file.

5.Fixed the bug that the excel file can not be downloaded in IE browser via WiFi.

6.Added support for detecting whether the excel file is an Outlook format file or not.




1.Fixed the bug that the image file name containing non-ascii characters can not be imported.

2.Fixed the bug that caused the app not appear in Privacy setting.


1.Added support for managing groups, you can now create, edit, delete groups and add contacts to groups easily.
2.Added support for displaying privacy alerts if the app can not access contacts.
3.Added support for the large note field. It can contain characters up to 15K in length.
4.Added support for a huge number of contacts. The app can now export / import up to 30,000 contacts.
5.Added support for backup notification
6.Added support for setting the sort order same as your iPhone.
7.Added support for exporting the image file with a unique name: first name last name [phone number | email address].jpg.
8.Minor UI improvement.

V 2.5.2

1. Fixed the bug that the app can not access contacts on iOS 6.0, and the user can not find the app icon on the Privacy page.

V 2.5.1

1. Added support for iPhone 5 4-inch Retina display.
2. Fixed  bugs occur on iOS 6.0, include running slow while open WiFi, unable to choose other applications to open in.
3. Added support for "iPhone" columns.
4. Added support for the birthday without the year.

V 2.5

1. Added support for exporting VCF file (without groups, above iOS 5.0)

2. Fixed translation bugs.

3. Fixed bugs when reading excel file.

4. Added support for backing up before import

5. UI improvement.


V 2.4

1. Add support for importing Gmail CSV-format file(UTF-8 encoded or Unicode encoded).

2. Add support for exporting / importing Excel file with localized column headers and labels.

3. Fixed the bug that caused incorrect birthday while import  contacts to Outlook German version. 

4. Improve the import speed.

5. Add support for multiple ‘group name’ columns.

6. Minor UI improvement.

V 2.3.1

1. Improve the import and export process, Import speed has been increased by 2 to 5 times. Export speed has been increased by 2 to 10 times.

2. Fixed minor bugs in importing outlook format file.

3. Auto detecting outlook excel file format.


V 2.3

1.Fixed the bug that caused the app to crash on iOS 4.x if “All Properties” was set to “On”.

2.Added support for skipping the row that is the same as the previous row while importing.

3.Fixed the bug that caused incorrect Gmail csv file.

V 2.2.1

1. Fixed the bug that caused the app to crash on iOS 4.x .

V 2.2

1.Added a feature “password protecting the export file”

2.Added a feature “uploading export files to Dropbox and downloading import files from Dropbox”.

3.Added support for exporting Gmail CSV-format file.

4.Added support for exporting SocialProfiles and RelatedNames columns. Now all contact fields except Ringtones can be exported/imported.

5.Added support for extracting the Excel file from a compressed zip folder.

V 2.1.2

1.Fixed the bug that caused the app to crash
2.Fixed the bug that caused incorrect birthday.
3.Added a feature “export / import partial contacts”.

V 2.1.1

1.Fixed the bug that the image filename contains extended ascii character can not be imported .

2.iOS 5.0 Compatibility


V 2.1

1. Added support for exporting/importing 10,000+ entries.
2. Remove the limitation of 50 custom labels for phone numbers. (since the maximum number of columns in Excel is 256, so if you choose Separate style, the maximum number of columns for custom phone number is 180. )
3. Use the first name as the exported photo file name of the contacts (the first name must consist of ASCII letters).
4. Added support for checking if the excel file is an Outlook contacts file when importing contacts.
5. Prevent deleting contact custom phone numbers when importing an Outlook file.
6. Added support for exporting "Pager" column.
7. Added support for exporting "Name Yomi","","Given Name Yomi","Family Name Yomi" in the gmail csv file.
8. Fixed the bug that the date is not appended to the export file when emailing it.
9. Added FAQ page.


V 2.0.1

1. Fixed some little bugs
2. Added support for exporting a group of contacts.

V 2.0

1. Added 3 features:
  ★ 1. You can now export iPhone contacts to an Excel file which can then be imported to Outlook Contacts directly. You will see all column headings are translated into your native language.
  ★ 2. You can also import contacts from an Excel/xls file that has been exported from Outlook to your iPhone.
  ★ 3. You can now export iPhone contacts to a csv file which can then be imported to Gmail Contacts directly.
2. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect modified timestamp to be set on files imported via Email.
3. Fixed a bug that prevented the app from importing a file containing empty rows
4. Added support for importing the “WorkStreet[1-9]”, “HomeStreet[1-9]”, “OtherStreet[1-9]” columns.
5. Added Turkish version.
6. Added support for exporting/importing the “WorkEmailAddress”, “HomeEmailAddress”, “OtherEmailAddress” columns.

V 1.9.9

1. Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when re-importing a file containing duplicates.
2. Fixed a bug that caused "error code 45".
3. Fixed a bug that caused "Unrecognized countrycode 'none'".

V 1.9.8

1. iOS4.3 compatibility

2. fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when re-importing contact images

3. Added Italian and Arabic version. Thanks Lily and Hussain Alsinany for your translation work

4. Fixed a bug that caused only the first 255 characters to appear in the Excel file when exporting notes containing a large amount of text.

5. Fixed a bug in exporting Exchange contacts.

6. Fixed a bug that caused unreadable characters to be displayed in the browser while exporting or importing via Wi-Fi.



1. Added Russian and Polish version. Thanks Магомед Курбанов  and Tomasz Mikulski for your translation work
2. Added a parameter “Export Photos” in the settings page.
3. Added the "OtherStreet", "OtherCity","OtherState","OtherZip" and "OtherCountry" columns.
4.The export/import file name can contain any characters
5.Perform less-strict validation for  phone numbers, email addresses and website URLs.




1. Added Portuguese version. Thanks Heyder Ferreira for your translation work.
2. Fixed another bug that caused "error code 207" or "error code 110".
3. Added support for country code 'JA' (in ISO country code, 'JP' stands for Japan).
4. If some cells (such as a "note" cell) contain a large amount of text (more than 255 characters) in an export file and you open this file using MS Excel, only the first 255 characters appear in these cells. Please open this file using OpenOffice.org first and then save it once again. You will now see all characters appear even in MS Excel.



1. Fixed the bug that caused the app to add a new contact if you updated the company name of an existing contact and then imported into your iPhone.
2. Fixed the bug that prevented some fields (such as note) from being imported if you updated an existing contact and then imported into your iPhone.
3. Added support for country code 'UK' (in ISO country code, 'GB' stands for United Kingdom).
4. You can now import an Excel file directly without importing a zip file (in cases where there are no contact images).



1. Import contacts via email. If the attached file is an Excel file or a zip file, you can tap and hold the attachment icon in the email, select "Open In..." and then choose "ExcelContacts".
2. Fixed the bug that occasionally caused the app not to detect Wi-Fi.
3. Fixed the bug that prevented the group of existing contacts from being changed.
4. Added a parameter “Erase groups” in the settings page.
5. Added a feature “case insensitive duplicate comparison”.
6. Allow blank rows in Excel import files.
7. Sample contacts are no longer exported.
8. Added French, Spanish and Japanese versions. Thanks to Christophe Penvern, Barbara Roces and Tomomi/朋美 for your translation work.