Excellent - everyone needs this app

With iCloud on the horizon you may not know why you need this app - the reason is not because sync software loses all contacts but because every so often individual contacts that you add on your iPhone, Outlook, etc. simply disappear. You may have a copy in the clouds but a specific edit may be lost. This app lets you save periodic backups (like time machine) from which you can find, copy, and paste the critical missing info. You don't need a cloud, just somewhere (eg a CD) to store excel files.

Geniale App !!!

Nie wieder Probleme mit der Bearbeitung und Synchronisation von Kontaktdaten. Die App funktioniert prima und völlig problemlos. Man kann die Kontakte auf dem PC bearbeiten, Bilder hinzufügen, die Reihenfolge zwischen Telefon-, Fax- und Mobil-Nummern bestimmen und auch neue Kontakte hinzufügen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann sie nur empfehlen!




Forma muito prática de transferir os contatos. Comigo funcionou perfeitamente, mesmo com muitos dados (+ de 1.000 contatos).

Ещё бы фотки импортировать можно было! А так - всё ок, быстро, доступно ;)


All-in-1 List


All in 1 List simply put: "Superb"

by Bob Miller on Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014 version 1.2.1
I needed flexibility and customization in a user-friendly environment. SamApp provides the tool sets for just that. The app lets me use Excel sheets that are tailored to my needs and the import/export utility allows me to work with and back up the data on my terms. It's total access to your data available in a universal format. No matter how or what you do with your data, SamApp - All in 1 List will bring it to your mobile screen in an orderly and consistent fashion. Loving it!



Works like a charm!
by Lincoln Spencer on Wednesday, June 15 2011 version 1.8.1
Does just what it says. The interface isn't quite as sleek as some other apps, but the functionality is all there. I can now easily send a customized text to a group of hundreds of contacts at once!

This application is great. It is VERY easy to use. This is the best money I have spent in years. If you don't have this application, you need to get it. Also if you are unable to figure out anything, the customer support is great. ( I know I can't spell.) You do need to know that templete can be moved between two templetes. You just have to get the templates. This application is easy and fun to use.



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ExcelSMS Schedule 定时发送短信

ExcelSMS提供了一种最有效的定时发送短信的方式你只需在一个Excel文件里添加接收人的姓名、手机号码、发送日期及时间并输入短信内容。短信内容可以是包含变量的个性化内容例如“{lastname}, {firstname} 你好…”,ExcelSMS会替换成接收人的姓名,实际的短信内容会变成“张三 你好!…”,“李四 你好!…”。  



使用ExcelSMS 你可以 :

★ 通过USB/Email导入包含定时短信内容的Excel文件

★ 可以在短信内容里添加标签(如昵称标签{nickname}, 名字标签{firstname}, 姓氏标签{lastname}, 职务{jobtitle})建立个性化短信用了这些标签后发出的短信会让人感觉更亲切。例如{nickname}你好欢迎你加入我们团队。” 

★使用MS Excel 2003 / 2007 / 2010 , OpenOffice.org 或其它Excel软件输入你的定时短信,确保在保存时存为97-2003工作簿即可。 

★ 很容易地建立符合ExcelSMS格式要求的Excel文件,这个文件可以仅包含4:MobileMessageScheduledDateScheduledTime. 你可以在我们的网站上找到更多示例文件。 

★ 可以在Excel文件里建立更加灵活的短信内容,例如{kidname}小朋友的家长 – 明天的活动定于下午5点举行,请准时参加!” 实际的短信会是“张明小朋友的家长– 明天的活动定于下午5点举行,请准时参加!,“李红小朋友的家长– 明天的活动定于下午5点举行,请准时参加!”等等。 

★ 免费版本最多一次能发出10条定时短信,完整版本没有限制。

★ 须为每条短信设定的发送日期和时间,短信发送速度约30/分钟,所以同一发送时间不要有超过30条短信。

★ 如果你想群发大量短信,而又不想为每条短信设定发送日期和时间,你可以使用另一个应用程序《ExcelSMS - Excel导入群发短信》。


由于Android只支持每个应用每小时发送100条短信,你需要安装 ExcelSMS  短信群发插件包 ExcelSMS增加发送短信的数量。

ExcelSMS Schedule已经上架。请移至谷歌商店购买。

中国用户如需帮助也可通过QQ联系我  QQ: 2476632479(加入时注明ExcelSMS支持



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